Choosing the Right Golf Grip Size

Golf Grips Laid on Table

Choosing the Right Golf Grip Size to Up Your Game – a Complete Guide Choosing the best golf grip size plays a significant role in any golfer’s game.  Your grip size can affect how well you can control the golf club, which in turn affects your ball flight. Not to mention, improving your grip can … Read more

Golf Terms and Lingo

golf sign

For players new to the sport, there are many things to get familiar with in golf including clubs, tees, balls, clothing, and additional gear and gadgets – not to mention the terms and phrases that come along with playing! In this guide we’ll walk through all the golf terms and phrases you’ll need to know, … Read more

Golf Handicap Calculation: Everything You Need to Know

Golfer making a chip shot

Many novice golfers and non-golfers alike struggle to understand what exactly a golf handicap is, how to approach golf handicap calculation, and how it applies to the sport.  For seasoned golfers, the handicap is as just as important as your clubs, other gear, or perfecting your golf stance.  We’ll break down a golf handicap and … Read more