The Best Kayak Cup Holders

When you’re out on the open water, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing drink to keep you cool and hydrated. If you’re using a kayak, though, it can be difficult to find a place to put your drink while you paddle. That’s where kayak cup holders come in handy!

In this article, we’ll cover the best kayak cup holders on the market today. We’ll also give you some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. So whether you’re just getting started in kayaking or you’ve been paddling for years, read on for the inside scoop on the best kayak drink holder choices.

The Best Kayak Cup Holders

Best Overall Kayak Cup HolderYakattack Multimount Kayak Cup Holder
Best Kayak Bottle HolderYakuzzi Kayak Drink Holder
Best Washable Kayak Drink HolderKemimoto Universal Drink Holder
Best Simple Mountable Cup HolderScotty #310 Cup Holder
Best Kayak Beer HolderSkiffDaddy
Most Versatile Mountable Cup HolderSunChaser Bevi Pro Multimount Cup Holder
Best Adjustable Kayak Bottle HolderRAM Mounts RAP-B-132B-201U
Best Permanent Kayak Cup HolderPelican Kayak Cup Holder
The best kayak cup mounts and mountable cup holders based on our testing and reviews.

Yakattack MultiMount Mountable Cup Holder

YakAttack MultiMount Kayak Cup Holder
The YakAttack MultiMount Kayak Cup Holder mounts to most kayak rail systems and is very high-quality.

The Yakattack multimount kayak cup holder is one of the best on market thanks to its unmatched flexibility and ease of use. You can be sure that it will hold your can or bottle firmly in place no matter what situation you’re in.

The metal construction holds up to saltwater and resists corrosion, and mounting it on your kayak is easy since it is compatible with most kayak track mounts.

If you’re looking for a lifetime kayak cup holder then this is the one for you.

Yakuzzi Kayak Drink Holder

Yakuzzi Kayak Drink Holder
The Yakuzzi kayak drink holder features a cinching pouch that makes it great for holding most water bottles.

The Yakuzzi kayak drink holder got great marks in our reviews thanks to its patented design that keeps your drink firmly in place no matter what you throw at it.

It works with most standard water bottles which is a huge plus, but it’s also adjustable to accommodate your own bottle or other drink types.

Set up is also super easy: just clip it to your rim, slide the bottle in, tighten the toggle, and you’re ready to go!

Kemimoto Universal Cup & Kayak Bottle Holder

Kemimoto Universal Cup & Kayak Bottle Holder
The Kemimoto universal kayak bottle holder has an alligator clip that allows it to attach easily almost anywhere.

The Kemimoto universal drink holder is great because it is so versatile – just use the included alligator clip to attach this drink holder nearly anywhere (and to anything) you want.

There’s a drain hole at the bottom, and the oxford fabric is durable and washable.

There’s a tightening strap and even a small mesh storage pouch to keep small items or snacks within arms reach.

We really like this, as you well know that any extra little bit of storage is a welcome plus when you’re kayaking!

Scotty 310 Kayak Cup Holder w/ Rod Holder Post & Bulkhead / Gunnel Mount

Scotty 310 Kayak Cup Holder
The Scotty 310 kayak cup holder is adjustable and attaches easily to most kayaks.

The Scotty #310 cup holder attaches easily to your kayak’s bulkhead and is highly adjustable.

It comes with the necessary mounting hardware and accommodates mugs, bottles, and cans.

There’s an added accessory rack to hang lures and tools from for extra convenience, and you can mount this cup holder horizontally or vertically.

SkiffDaddy Kayak Beer Holder 2 Pack

SkiffDaddy Kayak Beer Holder 2 Pack
The SkiffDaddy kayak beer holder is simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

The SkiffDaddy kayak beer holder uses a unique and simple design to get the job done to hold cans, bottles, or even other accessories like your sunglasses.

They fit anything with a 1.25” square tubing, including kayaks, boats, chairs, golf carts, and more.

They’re made of PVC-coated steel, so you know that they’re built to last and can handle the rough demands of the outdoors.

SunChaser Bevi Pro Multimount Mountable Cup Holder 

SunChaser Bevi Pro Multimount Mountable Cup Holder
The SunChaser Bevi Pro mountable cup holder comes with three attachments, making it great for many different situations.

The SunChaser Bevi Pro drink holder features a unique drink holder base that conveniently attaches to three different mounts: a 3-prong suction cup for kayaks and boats, a chair strap, and a peg for sand or grass.

It’s made of high-quality injection molded ABS plastic so it’s durable, lightweight, and dishwasher-safe.

RAM Kayak Cup Holder

ram kayak cup holder
The RAM kayak cup holder maintains a firm grip and is easily adjustable.

The RAM Mounts RAP-B-132B-201U mountable cup holder is compatible with cups, cans, mugs, and bottles from 2.5”-3.5” in diameter.

This handy cup holder will keep your drink stable and comfortable during transport. It’s perfect for motorcycles, ATVs/UTOs (all-terrain vehicles), boats including kayaks – you name it!

With the self-leveling feature, you can enjoy your drink without having to worry about it spilling. 

The two pivot points help keep things upright in any environment.

Pelican Kayak Cup Holder

Pelican Kayak Cup Holder
The Pelican kayak cup holder installs permanently into your kayak.

The Pelican kayak cup holder is great for those who want a more permanent installation.

This cup holder features a mesh netting and is a permanent install, meaning you are going to be cutting and drilling holes into your kayak (which can void the limited lifetime warranty of the surrounding area on your yak).

If you’re looking for a Pelican Trailblazer 100 kayak cup holder, this is the one to get.

Kayak Cup Holder Buying Guide

There are several factors to keep in mind as you select a cup holder for kayaking.

Mounting Style

The cup holder should be able to attach to your kayak quickly and securely without any problems.

Different kayak cup holder mounting options include X, Y, and Z.

Adjustability & Stability

Look for kayak drink holders that are adjustable (or even better, a self-leveling one), and that are stable enough to keep everything in place once you’ve got everything dialed in.

Easy To Use

Choose a kayaking cup holder that doesn’t require assembly and that gets a firm grip on your drink without much effort.


Depending on where you mount your kayak drink holder, it may be subject to crashing into rocks or other obstacles in the water, and will definitely be exposed to the elements.

Make sure the cup holder can withstand the abuse!

How To Mount A Cup Holder On A Kayak

Mounting a cup holder on a kayak is an easy process that anyone can tackle.

The first step when mounting one of these holders is to decide where to put it – of course that needs to be somewhere within easy reach.

Kayak drink holders typically mount either on your kayak’s gear track or through clip-on brackets or clamps that “hold on” to the kayak’s rim or gunwales.

Either way is fine, and both are extremely easy – just read through and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Make A Cup Holder For A Kayak

Making a DIY kayak cup holder isn’t hard.

  1. Start with some cheap pre-made plastic drink holders that have an arm on them.
  2. Take notice (or better yet, take measurements) of your kayak’s outer edge.
  3. Carefully apply a heat source to the plastic arm of the drink holder until the plastic becomes pliable, then bend the arm until you match the shape of the measurements you took in step 2.
  4. Let it cool and your drink holder is now ready to use!

Watch the video below for how to make a DIY cup holder for kayak:

Wrapping Up The Best Kayak Cup Holders

We hope this guide helped you in finding the best mountable cup holder for your kayak.

Which kayak drink holder did you choose, and how did it work out when you finally hit the water? Let us know in the comments below.

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