Where Is The Power Converter In My RV?

If you are having trouble with your RV’s converter or need to do any kind of troubleshooting, you are probably wondering: where is the power converter in my RV?

Most RV power converters are located near the control panel, but where your RV converter is located can vary by RV make and model.  Look for a small fan or vent near the control panel which indicates the RV power converter is nearby.

If you don’t have any luck finding where your RV power converter is, then read through this guide as we will cover a few other methods and tips to help you narrow down the location of your RV’s converter.

Where Is The Power Converter In My RV?

RV Converter

The exact location of an RV power converter can change based on the make, year, and model of each RV, but it is often located near the control panel within your rig.

The control panel is the spot where your breakers and fuse box are located within your RV, and the power converter can usually be found right near it.

Look Near Your RV Battery Compartment

In some cases, you may find the RV power converter located in a compartment next to your RV batteries.

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Try Near A Vent Or Fan

RV power converters generate heat and often have fans or vent systems to cool them during operation, so that’s why we advised earlier to try and spot a fan or vent that will clue you in to the location of your converter.

Check If You Can Hear Your RV Power Converter

If you can’t locate your RV power converter visually, try turning everything off in your RV and listen for a humming or buzzing sound, which can also give you an idea of where the RV power converter is located.

Take A Look Outside

A good clue to where your RV power converter might be is to take a look on the outside of your RV and see where the shore power cord enters the trailer.

The converter is usually located near that point on the interior of the RV.

Look In Odd Places

RV power converters can be under sofas, behind a galley drawer, behind false panels in pass-through storage, or even in an RV bedroom.

It may take some poking and prodding to find your RV’s power converter, but don’t give up.

When All Else Fails, Read The Manual

Additionally, you can consult your RV’s owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly – either option will get you a quick and direct answer on how to find the power converter in your RV.

Forest River RV Power Converter Location

RV Power Converter

Most Forest River RV power converter locations are under the breaker panel.

Access your Forest River RV power converter by removing the faceplate from the screws and tip the panel down to access the converter.

Where Is The Converter In A Travel Trailer?

Same as in most RVs, the converter in a travel trailer is usually located near the control panel where the fuses and breakers are.

If your travel trailer’s power converter isn’t located there, you’ll need to look around the spots we’ve outlined above.

Where Is The Power Converter In My RV? Wrapping Things Up

If you’re trying to find your RV power converter location, the best place to start is by the control panel where your breakers and fuses are.

If it’s not there, there are a variety of other places you can check, or you can always contact the manufacturer and they’ll let you know.

What make, year, and model RV do you have, and where is the power converter in your RV?

Let us and your fellow RVers know in the comments below.

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