Do Deer Eat Lilacs?

Do Deer Eat Lilacs

Lilacs are a popular choice for many gardeners and homeowners due to their fragrant blooms and attractive appearance. But if you live in an area with a large deer population, you may be wondering: do deer eat lilacs? Deer tend to avoid lilac bushes, but have been known to eat a wide variety of plants, … Read more

Do Deer Eat Birds? Yes They Do!

Do Deer Eat Birds

Deer are often thought of as herbivores, grazing on plants in meadows and forests. But recent studies and observations have shown that deer are not strictly vegetarians and will sometimes eat birds. Scientists have documented deer eating birds opportunistically, with some deer even consuming eggs and baby birds when they come across them. While this … Read more

Do Deer Eat Avocado Trees? Yes and No – Here’s Why

Do Deer Eat Avocado Trees

Deer are known to be opportunistic feeders, consuming a wide range of plant species. The question of whether or not deer eat avocado trees is a common one among gardeners and avocado tree enthusiasts. Avocado trees are prized for their delicious fruit and their ornamental value, but they are also vulnerable to damage from browsing … Read more